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A Waiting Child: May

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This month’s waiting children are a pair of twins, Aaron and Arianna. They’re ready for adoption, but these two, born premature, come with some health issues.

Their early start left them both with underdeveloped tracheas, resulting in the need for a traecheostomy and other medical assistance.

Aaron no longer requires the help, and with time, Arianna may be unhindered as well.

Arianna is assisted by oxygen, but is growing able to function without it for short periods of time. Complications due to her early birth require her trachea to be held open by a tracheostomy tube, until she grows stronger. She receives her nutrients through a feeding tube, and is slowly being introduced to real food.

Aaron no longer needs the oxygen during the day, and only requires it at night when he is sick. He receives a combination of inhalers, and will likely visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist in the near future.

The two have faced a very rocky beginning, but there is much more than that to them.

Arianna likes pets, splashing in the bath, and walking through the grass. She has recently started smiling. Despite her challenges, she is very mellow.

”She smiles a lot when you’re playing with her, and she is pretty easy going, she doesn’t do a lot of crying, even if she bumps her head, as you saw earlier, she hardly ever cries.” Arianna’s foster mom, Sue, said of Arianna.

She is independent, and occupies herself but  she is also curious about new things, people, and teeth.

“She can find things to play with even when you wouldn’t think it would be a toy, she likes it.” Sue explained that although Arianna enjoys thoroughly enjoys interaction, she also relishes alone time. 

Aaron has started walking, and fast.  “He’s a little rough, tough boy that never stops moving.” His foster mom, Kari says one wouldn’t guess he had had any complications.

He has mastered about twenty words, including “Hi. “If he likes you he’ll say “Hello”, Kari says though shy around new people, he is still quite the charmer. “He loves attention, he’s used to having a lot of it, and he will melt your heart. He keeps you laughing and smiling all day long.”

“I want them to know that she has a lot to do, but she’s a very cool kid.” Both foster moms believe that although there may be more work that goes along with the pair, they are certainly worth it.

Covered by Medicaid and part of Arianna’s care is a day and a night nurse. Someone would be provided at all times to assist with any of the challenges she faces.

These tough little twins have defied odds from the start, and are now growing and discovering the world. They just need someone special to show it to them.


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